Year 6 Leavers

What an Assembly! What a brilliant set of children. Enjoy your evening, summer and look forward to High School. Be all you can be. Love Benton Park.


Y6 Leavers Summertime2 from Benton Park on Vimeo.

Pre Assembly

Pre assembly from Benton Park on Vimeo.

Teachers Messages

Teacher messages from Benton Park on Vimeo.

Baby Photos

Baby photos from Benton Park on Vimeo.

Leavers 2016

And so that’s it…
No more Benton Park. It seems as if you have an age then all of a sudden time gathers pace and in an instant the time to leave has arrived. You’ve been great. A credit to your school, your families and yourselves.

Enjoy the photos, enjoy the memories but look forward to the future.

We wish you all the luck in the world.

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