Elisha and Ruby Perform

On Sunday the 23rd Ruby and Elisha performed a tap dance at the School 500 Games. They go both are part of Susan Bentley’s dance troop, but this dance is one they choreographed ompletley on their own. They have practising in each others bdrooms for about 3 weeks!

Originally they wereplanning to do a hip hop dance but Alisha forgot it and the music jumped so they quickly put together this tap dance!!

As you can see it’s pretty good!! They got 3rd place. well done. Have a look and leave a comment.

Newcastle Schools 500 Games

London 2012 - Athletics

So, it’s that time of year again, the 500 games will be taking place from Wednesday 19th to Sunday 23rd June. It looks like we’re going to have a record number of children wanting to take part in the various activities and sports.

Please use this page to put your comments and wishes for the games. What sport would you like to compete in? What sport would you like have a go at? We have entered a wide range of events from football to fencing, archery to athletics and swimming to cycling. Last year we finished ninth in the medals table and whilst winning is not the most important thing, it would be great if could match or even better that fabulous result.

Keep checking in for regular updates.

Mr Cowen