Welcome Back

Welcome back to school. It seems like 2 minutes ago I was writing goodbye to Year 6 and now I have just been welcoming our new Reception children back – check out the photos of their first day on the Reception tab on the home page. This morning’s assembly was on the theme of making the most of our opportunities and was inspired by all the great Olympic and Paralympic sports people we have all watched this summer. And it made me think – what opportunities would you like at school? Let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you.

And thinking of opportunities…. Year 6 have opportunities to take some responsibility. It is your turn to step up and help the school run ona day to day basis. So which job would you like? Here is your chance to grovel/plead/begĀ for the job you would like to do. The better the reasons-the better the chance. And remember if your computer is broken and you are reading this at school you may handwrite your application on the back of your form.