Hawkhirst 2013

And so we all survived!! I knew that we would and I knew that this group would. It was as always a brilliant trip. Year 6: You were credit to us, your Parents and most importantly to yourselves. I have many highlights… so here are a few as they pop into my head! They are not ranked(I know how insanely competitive you lot are)

Melissa’s insistence her room had been trashed.
The same room having a trick(fake room inspection)played on them and the way they took the joke.
All those who conquered their fears. You know who you are! Well done.
Billie Jade helping Samiyah in the water.
The laughs created by the questions you asked.
The Bellboating and the jumping off. Even those who couldn’t swim!
The lack of fuss from everyone when faced by problems.
Mrs Powley’s 50th birthday celebrations.
The room inspections and the hopelessness of some of your bed-making skills!!
The lateness into the shared room of one our party..
The beans William ate and then brought back up.

So what were yours? Reply please.Or blog on your site using the Tag I have(plus your name)

And here are the photos and videos!!