Leavers 2016

And so that’s it…
No more Benton Park. It seems as if you have an age then all of a sudden time gathers pace and in an instant the time to leave has arrived. You’ve been great. A credit to your school, your families and yourselves.

Enjoy the photos, enjoy the memories but look forward to the future.

We wish you all the luck in the world.

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5 thoughts on “Leavers 2016

  1. Please can you put the “old people getting out the car” on.
    I will really miss everyone and the school but I promise that I’ll come back and visit.
    From Erin 2016 Leaver.

  2. Fantastic leavers assembly. Thank you to all the staff at Benton Park Primary School, Erin has had a fantastic time all the way through school. Best wishes for the future. From Elaine Lord 2016 Leavers Mam.

  3. Thank you so much BP for giving me an amazing time at primary!Especially thank you to the people who made it amazing such as Mrs Wigam,Mrs Tyler,Mrs Hargemen,Ms Mullholand,Mrs Eaton,Mrs Bently and of course Mr Cowen.Also a special mention to Olivia.M,Sophie.P and Daisy.B for making my time at Benton park special.Enjoy the school while you still have it take care everyone!

    Love Anya xx

  4. Hi! Its Jodie,
    watching this back another time, missing all the teachers already.. 😀 miss and love the year 5’s too! I’m coming back to visit you all soon. 🙂

  5. Watching this almost one year after we left! Can’t believe how young we look! Won’t be long now until the next assembly! Anyone who’s coming to Longbenton after the summer you’ll love it! I think it’s transition morning soon!

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