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IMG_0673This week, Year 6 have been lucky enough to work with Fiona, a textile artist who is based in the Ouseburn Valley.
The children have been working collaboratively to produce two large scale banners; one which celebrates 60 years of Benton Park Primary School and the other one which commemorates the 200th anniversary of the Heaton Main Colliery disaster.
Alongside the work with Fiona, the children have also created small personal banners sharing individual successes over their time at primary school.
Take a look at the work in progress!

9 thoughts on “Year 6 Textile Project

  1. I’m really enjoying doing text tiles because lately we have been doing sowing and I think the banners look amazing I wish I could do it again so then I could make another one.

  2. I also found it hard to sow because every time I would get stabbed by the needle and I felt like screaming I loved making the banner because when we voted for the pictures they wanted on the celebration banner mine had the most votes.

  3. What I enjoyed about the textile project was that the whole of year 6 worked together to build two really good banners. I have really enjoyed myself working with Finoa. She has really helped me with my art. I wish I could work with Finoa again.

  4. I love doing the banner because it’s fun and you do the banner instead of work and English or math, so I’m luck that I have an opportunity to do the banner. I also love doing the massive banner because you have so much felt and you pin the printed letters and cut out the felt. I also did a face but the skin colour was incorrect for the new school logo. I also liked doing the miners banner.
    You get to make the spinning wheel and we lay out all the pictures we did. After we have done all that we have to have half term witch is basically Holliday and I loved the part where I showed up the buttons even though it was hard.

  5. I have really enjoyed it because I can get creative and make memories that will last. While I was working with Fiona, I was making a gigantic minors anniversary banner for the Heaton Main Collirey disaster. In the other classroom, I was making a banner for what I had achieved in all of my years in primary school.

  6. This week has been really good ! We got to make a banner , a personal wordle and a big banner ! The hard bit was drawing out the letters and cutting them out ! The best bit was decorating the banners . The big banner was the hardest we got to do a lot of drawings ! We first done the drawings on card and then we put it on fabric ! This week has been great !

  7. I found the textile project fun but frustrating at times as it was very tricky. Especially the stitching however, I did manage to get the hang of it and stitch one of my pieces of work (word collage). My favourite one was the word collage because miss thought that was really good because of the colours.

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