Year 6 Sage Visit

On Monday you went to the Sage! I heard it was amazing! Yousef was in raptures about it and Jack tells me he has replaced his iPod playlist with classical music.

So you have a job to do.
1) Reply to this post to tell me about it.. and in so doing tell other teachers and you parents about it
2) Copy and paste your response and put it into your own post on your own site.

Thank you!

8 thoughts on “Year 6 Sage Visit

  1. It was amazing and we learned that people who play classical music can also play pop music with the same instrument! It was crazy the way the conducter was waving his hands, it looked like he was crazy. My favourite part was when they played in the hall of the mountain king. They played it to perfection, it sounded just like the copy on the radio. If I was asked to go again I would definitely say yes. But I don’t think I’ll be changing my iPod playlist haha.

  2. It was fantastic I had a great time I wish I could go again. I loved the orchestra and the conductor and my favourite part was singing and doing the actions for it. I had the best time ever. I was so excited because I got to see all the instruments they used for in the mountain king and all the others and I learned so much.

  3. The sage trip was very interesting because we learned some different genres of music. It was also very fun because we heard all the instruments play. It was funny when the conductor conducted because he was swinging his arms about but it was very clever of the orchestra to understand what he means because I didn’t haha.

  4. I had a fantastic time at the sage! The music, noise and sound was AMAZING! We heard different types of music. Some of the music is the music were doing for the Ten Pieces for example The Great Hall Of The Mountain King. Sometimes when you go places like concerts and stuff you just sit down and then you get uncomfortable but this time we actually took part in the concert I think all year 6 enjoyed it very much.

  5. The sage was amazing. We went there to learn about our ten pieces topic. I loved it. At first I thought classical music music was boring but now, it has made me change my mind. It was a amazing experience and I can’t wait to learn more about it.

  6. I really enjoyed going to the sage on Monday I had never seen an orchestra before so it was something new. I didn’t think I would enjoy the trip as I am not into classical music but I did and it was quite interesting. I would possibly like to see it again. I am very grateful for the opportunity.

  7. I liked it, I loved the part where it had lights and Edvard Grieg, hall of the mountain king and the drums. I also likes the string family. The violin, ukulele and guitar. I also loved the lights because it
    looked awesome and it was moving quickly. I really loved it and it was worth the price and there was so many schools and audience and it was so loud. I almost fell asleep and I would of fell out of my seat “maybe there should be seat belts” because I almost fell asleep. I did not like connect it. I thought that you where just listening but no. You had to stand up

  8. The sage was fantastic at first I thought it would be boring but it was the opposite. The conductor was my farvoirte well I thought conductor had to just swing his hand around but I figured out if the orkeasha didn’t have the conductor they would be with no tune and they would just be playing random things. In the hall of the mountain king was the my piece one cause that what Mrs turner are doing and two it’s really good to watch and cause I have listen to it many times so it stuck In my head. Anyway in was GOOD

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