City Hall & Sage

Photos from the Sage

Sage-Little Monsters!! on PhotoPeach

As promised here is the Video of the City Hall Choir singing’I am The Earth’

And here are some of the photos..

City Hall on PhotoPeach

8 thoughts on “City Hall & Sage

  1. What an incredible job the choir did on Wednesday and Thursday. Everyone attached to the school to the school is very proud of how well you performed and acted on each night. Well done!!

  2. I was so proud of you all, you did a great job. singing and the signing was absolutely amazing. And you made me cry! So nice to hear you talk so positively about the City Hall.

  3. It was really fun singing at the city hall singing i am the earth. I will be giong to the quoir next year definatly thank you Mrs Powley for a great opertunity

    • You are very welcome, Laura – but it should be me thanking you all for working so hard. You were all brilliant , I was extremely proud to be part of Benton Park and the choir should be proud of themselves.

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