Red Nose Day

We have just had a fabulous Red Nose Day. Most importantly we managed to raise over £500… Thankyou all for your contributions.

The children enjoyed nose and spoon races then a brilliant Talent Show in the afternoon. All the acts were magnificent-highlights are below. Also well done to Anigail and Savannah who compared the show and the School Council who organised it.

37 thoughts on “Red Nose Day

  1. What a great day – all the children looked fabulous – thank you for such a great effort from pupils and staff to do something funny for money and all the parents who got up so early to get the children ready!

  2. That is a lot of money.I really enjoyed the red nose day that was amazing especily one direction and the talent show well done to all of you.THANK YOU SOO MUCH TO THE COUNCIL CHILDREN AND THE TEACHER’S!!!!!!THAT WAS GREAT!!!!!!!!0

    • Did you have fun dressing up in something funny for money? We dressed up to and it was so fun in our school also it was our class assembly.

    Jack I didn’t know you had such an amazing voice! The children in my class loved your ‘Lion King’ song! Brilliant!
    Mrs Anderson

  4. Red Nose Day was amazing,I cant believe we raised that much.I loved the Talent Show everyone was great and well done to the people who got through to the The Talent Show.

    • Hi Eve and Sofia, we had a marvellous time! We had a tuck shop, a talent show, an egg & spoon race, and lots of cool stuff in our classrooms. We altogether raised over £500!
      Caitlin, Y3/4M 😛

    • Hi Jack, it was extremely hard to keep it on, I came second though (that was just lucky)! And the whole of KS2 did. If you are wondering what classes are in KS2, they’re all the Y3/4 classes & all the Y5/6 classes.
      From Caitlin, Y3/4M’s top blogger! Hopefully still.

  5. I like your pictures of your nose with toes and spoon race.Who won the race? We did not have a race but we dressed up.

    • Well James and Joe, there was a range of people who won. Every year group in KS2 did it, and there was a boy and girls race. Everyone thought it was very fun, but it was quite hard to keep the nose on the spoon!

  6. Hi! Your school has good dance moves! Did you enjoy your class assembly on Red Nose day? Our class did an assembly too. We really enjoyed our assembly it went really well.

    • Thanks Victoria! We didn’t do a class assembly, but there was a one for the whole school! I would have loved to have got to see what you did! Hopefully it was as fun as ours!

  7. At our red nose day we had a special assembly about red nose day. Also we dressed up in our onesies ,p.js. and as clowns.

    • Sounds cool Edward and Ciaran! We came dressed all in red or as monsters. I would have loved to have dressed in my onesie or my P.J’s, but I probably would have fallen asleep! I hope you had a lovely time.

  8. That nose and spoon race looked cool.What else did you do on red nose day? We did our class assembly on that day and our teacher let us tip cold baked beans all over his head for the finale of the assembly. We also raised a lot of money.How much did you raise?

    • Well Hannah, we also did an assembly for the whole school, and a lot more! If I were a teacher, I would NOT have let baked beans be tipped all over me! I bet the other classes would have been laughing! I hope you had as much fun as our school!

  9. We raised over 500 pounds,I am so glad we raised that much money because we can give that money to the people who don’t have anything.
    What did you like on Red Nose day?

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