Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone. Hope you have a wonderful break and everyone who feels poorly starts to feel better….It has been a very busy term and the last few weeks have been particulary hard with children and staff absent. Despite this, we still turned out eight excellent Christmas shows, four parties, and this afternoon a special Christmas jamboree with all our musicians. Staff went all out this morning too, dressing up in Christmas costumes for the last day ; Santa, two reinder and several elves were all around the school and there were lots of smiling children. Thank you all our fabulous supporters who ensure their children are well turned out for school, work hard and behave really well. We are extremely lucky to be altogether this Christmas, safe, educated and happy. I look forward to the exciting events that the New Year will hold and I leave you with the school radio broadcast, this Christmas staff photo – I hope it brings a smile to your faces- and some photos from our Christmas Jamboree.

Alice Witherow



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    • What up pal long time no see tell Miss Witherow that every friday at byker primary is non uniform day just pay a pound and do your business also do you have an xbox because i’ve got xbox live and could you be my friend on it as well.Ciao

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