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Welcome back to school. It seems like 2 minutes ago I was writing goodbye to Year 6 and now I have just been welcoming our new Reception children back – check out the photos of their first day on the Reception tab on the home page. This morning’s assembly was on the theme of making the most of our opportunities and was inspired by all the great Olympic and Paralympic sports people we have all watched this summer. And it made me think – what opportunities would you like at school? Let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you.

And thinking of opportunities…. Year 6 have opportunities to take some responsibility. It is your turn to step up and help the school run ona day to day basis. So which job would you like? Here is your chance to grovel/plead/beg for the job you would like to do. The better the reasons-the better the chance. And remember if your computer is broken and you are reading this at school you may handwrite your application on the back of your form.

19 thoughts on “Welcome Back

  1. i forgot my slip and these are the things i realy want to do. ps id love to do at least 4 of these jobs

    1. golden book
    2.power points and music becaus im good at i.c.t
    3. filming very good at filming like when we done the bulling film
    4. asemberly servants because im arganized
    5. paced lunch trolleys

  2. Dear Mr Shepherrd

    I forgot to bring my slip in and these are the things I would really like to do. 1. Assembaley servants, 2. walking bus, 3. golden book and the 4. trolleys.

    Thank you

  3. Dear Mr Shepherd.

    The job that I want apply for is the golden book and assembly servants. Mostly the assembly servants. I think it would be a good job for me because I like the fact of awarding stickers and I think it would be a fairly easy job. Also I want to do the golden book because I experienced it before and to be honest its actually fun.

  4. Dear Mr shepherd

    I know i have already give my slip but a still want to write i love doing jobs and everyone knows that and application tells the rest of the words so i hope you have nice weekend

  5. Mr Shepherd,

    I wrote a really long letter but doing this might improve my chances of getting the jobs.
    Rank 1: assembly servants, I`m very organised and don`t mind getting told off by Mrs Witherow.Rank 2: Power point/Music in assembly,I`m fantastic at ITas I was voted best IT person in Y3/4cw.Rank 3:Filming work,I have awesome shot accuracy.If you want amazing films I`m the top child.Rank 4: Honours Book round school, I`m happy with any of this jobs. I wont look who is in the book.Please choose me!!!!!! Thank you for this fantastic opportunities. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Hi miss.witherow its me jakia from leicester! How is everybody at school? Dose BPPS have an email if they do please send it to me.I miss everyone loads all the staff and some of the pupils even Abigail Chalton, Billie Jade, Alex Smith, Fazanah Miah Bethan Tuner, Lucy Wild and Melissa!(That list could go on forever!)I am not going to say much but as i said before please give me the email.
    Jakia Chowdhury
    (From Leicester)

  7. Thank you Mr Shepherd and Mrs Whitherow forgiving me the srvant job . All that writing and groviling rally paid off and it was defenitley worth it. I cant wait to start.Thank s again hope you enjoy your year.

  8. Thank you Mr Shepherd and Mrs Whitherow for giving me the servant job . All that writing and groviling really paid off and it was defenitley worth it. I can not wait to start.Im also ok with doing recycling as well so thanks again.Hope you enjoy your year.

    • You are very welcome Nadir – I thought you wrote an excellent application and I am also sure that you will do a very good job. I hope you have a good year too.

  9. Hi everyone ,I know its a bit late but this is a reminder for tomorrows cake-tastic cake stall.I hope the rest Mr Cowen`s class are going to have some delicious cakes to sell.I hope everyone goes and buys as many as possible.For people who like Mr Cowen`s home made fridge cake,good luck on getting any as I will buy as many as I can buy.I hope everyone comes:D;D:]

  10. Dear Mr Shepherd and Miss Witherow

    I wrote a long letter groviling for a few jobs but I was hoping this would boost my chances of getting them so here it goes …

    Please choose me,I will not let you down.

    Rank 1~ assembly servants

    This has always been my number one as I think it is an amazing job.A skill of mine that might help is my Organisation which helped me last time I did it.My maturity will be another as I will be able to take any jokes made.I really want this jobvso please give it to me.Thank You

    rank 2~/1 honours book

    I want this job just as much as I want the other but I have not done this one before and would love to try.Again my Organisation will help to keep the box clean and do the the job quicklyvand sufficiently..My incredible mind will help me to remember to do the job.Please choose me. Thank You.

    Rank 3~ Photographer

    I had this job last term and havevto admit that it was very good.A skill that may help is my super steady hand that can take fabulous photos.My intermediate brain can take pics from the tightest of angles .Please choose me to make you proud.Thank you.

    Rank 4~filming work

    I have not tried this job before and would love to try it out.My
    sensetive skill to hold a camera for a period of time will help.I would really like to do it.Thank you.

    Rank 5~music/powerpoint assembly.

    I have had this job before and want to try it again due to loving the job .I have expierience no need to worry about anything going wrong.My professional computer skills will speedily do anything.I really like to do this job.Thank You.

    Well … I hope I have convinced you to give the jobs.Please please please please choose me for the jobs.Thank You.

    p.s I may have mixed some of the jobs up on this by mistake


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